ShardSecure™ Datasheet

ShardSecure’s Microshard™ technology shreds, mixes and distributes data to eliminate the value of data on backend infrastructure, ensuring data is protected in the event of a breach, separated from those with privileged access and that the sensitivity class is reduced.

2021 TAG Cyber Security Annual Report

The 2021 Security Annual is part of an annual series from TAG Cyber that is published each September since 2016. The report offers expert guidance, analysis, and education across the entire cyber security ecosystem.

Data security in cloud computing requires Microsharding™ to augment encryption

ShardSecure’s CEO, Bob Lam, joined TAG Cyber’s Ed Amoroso, to discuss how microsharding data will augment encryption in the near term and potentially replace the need for encryption altogether.

Sensitive data demands better data security controls than just encryption

ShardSecure’s VP Strategic Sales, Robert Stephen, joined TAG Cyber’s Senior Analyst, Katie Teitler to discuss the need for businesses and organizations to remain operational with staff working from anywhere.

Data Sharding for Back-End Cloud Security

Data sharding for back-end cloud security addresses the threat of compromised insiders with privileged access. The Method disaggregates, separates, and obfuscates data so that insiders within cloud service infrastructure cannot make sense of stored assets.

451 Research

The emerging data security provider was founded on a fairly simple premise: Split sensitive data into tiny pieces and distribute them across multiple locations so that the individual pieces are meaningless in the wrong hands, a process known as ‘sharding.

ShardSecure Interview with the Global Cyber Center

Splitting sensitive data into dispersed “microshards” can help reduce data sensitivity while lowering compliance costs and accelerating cloud adoption. ShardSecure CEO Bob Lam appears in Episode #4: Cyber Insights by SOSA.

ShardSecure™ Wins AWS “Judges Favorite Startup” Award

ShardSecure CEO, Bob Lam, presents the company’s unique Microshard technology to a panel of industry experts at the AWS event. As cloud adoption soars amid overwhelming global demand for work-from-home compatibility, we are proud to be voted “Judges Favorite Startup” at the AWS Winning Pitch Deck event last October.

UHY Opinion Letter

Our world is in a constant state of change. Our society has become a canvas of digital points of business data and personal information. In this new era of personal and professional interaction privacy has become next to impossible.

Microshard™ Technical White Paper

Fragmenting data into tiny elements which are spatially dispersed and intermixed with other fragments (Microshard data) has numerous advantages in security and compliance.