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Top Use Cases & Technology Explained

In this white paper, we outline our key use cases of data security, privacy, resilience, compliance, and more. We also explain how our solution helps organizations store their sensitive data exactly where they like while preventing third-party access to that data.


Advanced File-Level Protection

Learn about the downsides of traditional file-level protection, including performance drawbacks and management complexity. Explore how an agentless solution can be achieved with ShardSecure's technology.


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Mitigate Cloud Ransomware

Discover how the ShardSecure platform’s data integrity checks, high availability, and self-healing feature mitigate the impact of cloud-native ransomware.


It’s All About Trust for SaaS Providers

Organizations need their SaaS providers to demonstrate effective data security measures. In this solution brief, we explore how ShardSecure enables trust for SaaS providers and supports data privacy and sovereignty.


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PODCAST: Data Protection for Multi-Cloud & Hybrid Cloud.

Organizations are becoming increasingly reliant upon multi-cloud or hybrid cloud environments to meet operational requirements. These complex environments come with inherent risk due to security gaps, which can be used to exfiltrate data, exploit systems, individuals and organizations,. It is also difficult to manage encryption keys, detect unauthorized access and prevent cloud ransomware.