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Secure data backups are foundational for business continuity. 

The ShardSecure platform allows companies to protect their backup data in on-prem, cloud, and hybrid- and multi-cloud architectures. ShardSecure integrates with existing backup solutions like Commvault, Rubrik, Veeam, and Cloudberry to provide an extra layer of security for your most sensitive data.  

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The ShardSecure platform also offers multi-cloud data resilience for backups, including several features to support data availability and integrity. If a backup storage location fails a data integrity check, ShardSecure’s self-healing process automatically reconstructs the compromised data. This ensures business continuity and keeps backups available during ransomware attacks, outages, and data compromise. 

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 Our solution also supports compliance with data privacy and security regulations. The EU’s EBA (European Bank Authority) and Germany’s BAFIN (Federal Financial Supervisory Authority) require some organizations to ensure that their data backups are not affected by the same potentially damaging events as production data. Meanwhile, regulations like the GDPR require data privacy for backups that contain sensitive personal data. 


ShardSecure’s approach to storing backup data in the cloud has been validated to meet the requirements of Use Case 5 of the European Data Protection Board’s recommendations for cross-border data transfers under the GDPR. Our split processing technology is easily deployed in a multi-party processing environment, allowing organizations to store and process data safely under Use Case 5. 

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We shred, mix, and distribute your data.

Files are shredded into microshards too small to contain sensitive data. Microshards are mixed across multiple containers, which are distributed across multiple storage locations.