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Secure data backups are foundational in protecting your business continuity.

Your most sensitive data is not only on your servers, but also in your backup data. ShardSecure integrates with your existing backup solution (such as Commvault and Rubrik) to shred, mix, and distribute your backup data to the cloud storage locations of your choosing, including in multi-cloud and hybrid cloud environments. This helps provide an extra layer of security for your most sensitive data.


Data privacy protection

By integrating ShardSecure with your existing backup solution, our patent-pending Microshard technology shreds, mixes, and distributes your data to effectively desensitize your sensitive data. The net result is that your data is unintelligible and of no value to unauthorized users.

Ransomware mitigation

A common tactic for ransomware attackers is to first encrypt backups before launching the full attack. Not only can we detect that Microshard data has been tampered with, but we are able to roll back affected Microshard data to its last known good state to neutralize ransomware attacks against your backup data.

Restore data quickly and securely

Cloud backup solutions provide many benefits. Whichever solution you choose, microsharding your cloud backup data brings additional value. Microsharding has no concept of a key or the associated complexities of key management. Therefore, we help to restore your data quickly when you need it the most.

Discover how ShardSecure works

We shred, mix, and distribute your data.

Files are shredded into microshards too small to contain sensitive data. Microshards are mixed across multiple containers, which are distributed across multiple storage locations.