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ShardSecure Platform


Simplify unstructured data security, enhance privacy and ensure resilience for hybrid- and multi-cloud environments.

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File-Level Protection

  • Protection for files, folders, and storage locations on-prem and in the cloud
  • Advanced protection for unstructured data without the need for agents
  • Data security for application teams
  • Secure AI/ML model and training data
  • FIPS 140-2 L1 certification


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Data resilience

Data Resilience

  • Keep data safe and accessible during outages, unauthorized deletion, and other availability issues
  • Protect against data tampering with data integrity checks and self-healing data
  • Store data in multi-cloud architectures
  • Mitigate cloud ransomware attacks


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Cost Optimization

Advanced Data Privacy

  • Separate data owner from infrastructure owner
  • Support for regulatory compliance, including the GDPR/Schrems II and US state privacy laws
  • Maintain data confidentiality in cross-border data transfers
  • Address data sovereignty and residency concerns in on-prem, hybrid-cloud, and multi-cloud storage


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SS deployment architecture

How it works

Your data is everywhere: applications, databases, servers. Our solution simply presents itself to them as a cloud and/or network storage location accessible through our S3-compatible API and iSCSI module.

Your code, text, video, image, and record data flows from its sources into the ShardSecure Engine.
ShardSecure Engine


Your data is first compressed, then shredded into microshards, which can be as small as four bytes and are too small to contain sensitive data.


The microshards are then mixed into multiple logical containers with poison data added to make unauthorized re-assembly exponentially more difficult.


Your microsharded data is distributed to multiple storage locations of your choosing in multi-cloud, multi-region, or hybrid cloud environments.

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