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Microshard™ technology reduces data sensitivity to accelerate cloud adoption for the enterprise

ShardSecure™ Wins AWS “Judges’ Favorite Startup” Award
ShardSecure™ Announces Seed Funding from SineWave Ventures, Tom Noonan, and other investors to Further Cloud Data Protection; Noonan joins Advisory Board
Industrifonden Participates in ShardSecure’s Over-subscribed Seed Round
ShardSecure Welcomes Robert Stephen as VP of Strategic Sales
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Reduce Data Sensitivity

ShardSecure’s Microshard technology breaks sensitive data into tiny fragments that are distributed across multiple clouds and poisoned with false shards, making it nearly impossible for hackers to reassemble.

ShardSecure™ drastically reduces sensitivity of data to lower compliance costs and complexity, enabling customers in highly regulated industries to accelerate cloud adoption.

  • Add a strong layer of defense to mitigate the risk of misconfigurations in the cloud
  • Lower sensitivity of data and reduce compliance costs
  • Regain control of your data in the cloud, ensuring no one single cloud provider has the entire dataset
  • Improve workflow and operational efficiency with data protection that doesn’t impact performance
  • Future-proof your data protection strategy in the age of quantum computing
How It Works

Microshard™ Your Data


ShardSecure Solutions

Accelerate Cloud Adoption

Misconfigurations are the leading cause of data breaches in the cloud. Reduce data sensitivity to mitigate the risk of breaches caused by configuration errors, and accelerate cloud adoption with peace of mind.

Reduce Data Sensitivity

Microshard data is broken into tiny bits and distributed to multiple locations so it is no longer considered ‘sensitive’, drastically reducing the compliance burden of storing data in the cloud.

Share With Confidence

Share data between locations, with third parties and on-premesis knowing microsharded data can only be reassembled for access by parties with proper credentials.

Migrate Backups to the Cloud

By reducing data sensitivity with ShardSecure, organizations can confidently migrate onsite backups with Iron Mountain to the cloud, reducing storage costs without increasing the risk of breach.


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