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Encore webinar: Protect your critical M365 data with ShardSecure

Cloud-enable your data

You may not be able to make the cloud safer for your data, but you can make your data safer in the cloud. Our Microshard™ technology essentially makes your sensitive data un-sensitive and undesirable to unauthorized users, helping you maintain privacy, compliance, and data resilience.

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Secure cloud enablement and migration

Cloud misconfigurations are a major cause of data breaches in the cloud. Microsharding™ eliminates the sensitivity of your cloud data, protecting you from the risk of security vulnerability caused by misconfigurations.

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ShardSecure makes it possible for the most security-conscious organizations to share sensitive files and documents between locations, with third parties, and on-premises with high confidence. Microsharded data is only reassembled and accessible to parties with proper access credentials.


Between regulatory and service requirements, the amount of data organizations are required to back up continues to skyrocket. The cloud provides rapidly scalable, flexible storage to meet those demands, but security concerns prevent organizations from embracing those benefits.