Data Sensitivity

    Microshard™ technology eliminates data sensitivity to accelerate secure cloud adoption for the enterprise.

    ShardSecure’s shred, mix and distribute approach provides a simple path to eliminating the sensitivity of data on back-end infrastructure that works regardless of one’s cloud expertise.

    – Ed Amoroso, CEO, TAG Cyber

    “ShardSecure has…the ability to protect data with less overhead than standard encryption or need to modify applications, and support for multiple cloud offerings as well as Box and Dropbox, etc.”

    – Garrett Bekker, 451 Research

    Shred, Mix, Distribute

    ShardSecure’s Microshard technology offers protection for storing and sharing sensitive data in the cloud and on-premises. ShardSecure shreds, mixes and distributes data to eliminate the value of data on backend infrastructure, and is the only solution capable of breaking data into single-digit bytes without sacrificing performance.

    • Automatically secure data with or without encryption
    • Separate sensitive data from internal and third-party cloud administrators while eliminating the risk of compromised encryption keys or credentials
    • Ensure data is protected prior to transfer, in transit and at rest on backup systems
    • Accelerate recovery with streaming Microshard data, facilitate fast transfer with one-click secure cloud data migrations and reduce total disk space consumption
    • Malicious executables and scripts, like Ransomware, cannot execute in Microshard state, which will dramatically reduce your risk exposure in cloud environments

    ShardSecure Solutions

    Accelerate Cloud Adoption

    Misconfigurations are the leading cause of data breaches in the cloud. Reduce data sensitivity to mitigate the risk of breaches caused by configuration errors, and accelerate cloud adoption with peace of mind.

    Reduce Data Sensitivity

    Microshard data is broken into tiny bits and distributed to multiple locations so it is no longer considered ‘sensitive’, drastically reducing the compliance burden of storing data in the cloud.

    Migrate Backups to the Cloud

    By reducing data sensitivity with ShardSecure, organizations can confidently migrate onsite backups with Iron Mountain to the cloud, reducing storage costs without increasing the risk of breach.

    Share With Confidence

    Share data between locations, with third parties and on-premesis knowing microsharded data can only be reassembled for access by parties with proper credentials.


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