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Cloud-enable your data

Data resilience, security, and privacy for hybrid- and multi-cloud environments

We believe that all organizations can easily and securely enjoy the benefits of cloud adoption without surrendering control of their data.

We desensitize sensitive data in multi-cloud, hybrid-cloud, and private cloud environments while reducing management complexity and improving business continuity.

I am impressed with how ShardSecure’s innovative data security platform can protect the most sensitive resources in the cloud environment. Oak Hill is pleased to be partnering with ShardSecure as the company grows its customer footprint.
Headshot of Sajawal Haider.

Sajawal Haider

Managing Director & Chief Information Security Officer, Oak Hill Advisors

Consider your sensitive data.

What damage would it do to your business if it were stolen, deleted, or encrypted by ransomware?

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Customer challenges

Securing cloud migration

Securely adopt the cloud without losing control of your data knowing your data is unintelligible and of no value to unauthorized users – anywhere it is stored.
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Securing data backup

Backups are popular targets for attackers and ransomware. Improve your backup data resiliency and protect against attacks.
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Cloud-based ransomware

We preserve the integrity of your microsharded data and roll back attempts at file tampering, including files encrypted by malware while your operations continue unaffected.
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Industry solutions

Financial services

Protect your crown jewels and client data in the cloud – any cloud.
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Biotech and pharmaceuticals

Confidently address data privacy and security requirements to enable your data analysis projects.
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Secure your source code and other intellectual property from data breaches and supply chain attacks.
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