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ShardSecure for Financial Services

Enjoy greater returns with lower risk

Keep your data confidential in the cloud: Data privacy and protection are crucial for companies that deal with sensitive financial data. Our technology desensitizes sensitive data in on-prem, cloud, and hybrid- or multi-cloud environments, rendering it unintelligible to everyone from cloud storage admins to cyberattackers. 

Mitigate the impact of data breaches, ransomware, and outages: Our self-healing data feature ensures that data remains accurate, accessible, and available — even during attacks and outages. When unauthorized deletion, tampering, or compromise is detected, we automatically and transparently reconstruct data, minimizing the chance of a reportable security breach. 

Meet compliance with the GDPR and beyond: For highly regulated industries like financial services, maintaining compliance with cross-border data laws like the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation is key. Our technology meets the requirements of Use Case 5 of the GDPR’s Schrems II ruling, and it separates data from infrastructure owners and admins to support cross-border data protection. With advanced data confidentiality, you can store your data with the storage providers you want, in the geographic regions of your choice. 

Move at the speed of markets: Our plug-and-play technology is quick and easy to deploy with minimal configuration changes. Data can be accessed exactly as usual, with no visible changes to user workflows, and it can be migrated among your different storage locations with just a few clicks. ShardSecure also works transparently and as a zero-downtime event, meaning that we do not introduce performance drawbacks. At the end of the day, your data remains secure, confidential, and quickly accessible in the storage locations of your choice. 

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