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VIDEO: Is my AI data attractive to espionage and ransomware groups?

AI/ML models and training data pose a major security challenge to organizations. Security, privacy and data sovereignty for AI/ML models and training data is of equal importance to highly sensitive data.

Watch this Fireside chat to gain valuable insights into cutting-edge perspectives on:

- Unveiling the profound security challenges that AI/ML models and training data present to organizations.

- Recognizing the significance of security, privacy, and data sovereignty for AI/ML models and training data, which is on par with highly sensitive information.

- Discovering effective strategies to safeguard your valuable AI data.

- Embracing best practices for privacy and separation of duties to ensure data sovereignty.

- Discovering the latest technologies that fortify these assets, offering advanced data security and privacy, unparalleled support for data sovereignty, robust data resilience, and seamless integration.

The ShardSecure platform provides an easy and transparent implementation with no need to change AI/ML tools or data flows. Without the overhead and complexity of traditional data security solutions, it is vendor-agnostic and appears to applications as a storage location. It also allows for instant data access and fast data migration with just a few clicks.