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ShardSecure for Healthcare Organizations

Protect your patients’ digital health

Protect patient confidentiality: Data privacy and confidentiality are crucial for healthcare systems. Our data control platform allows authorized individuals like clinical staff to access protected health information (PHI) while rendering that same information unreadable to unauthorized third parties. Earn patients’ trust by keeping sensitive data safe from third parties with the help of our advanced data security features. 

Maintain compliance with privacy regulations. Depending on their scope of practice, healthcare organizations must remain compliant with everything from HIPAA to the GDPR. ShardSecure helps support compliance with many cross-border data regulations by separating data owners from infrastructure owners and administrators. It also allows organizations to safely store their patient data with the storage providers they want, in the geographic regions of their choice, without risks to data privacy. 

Keep lifesaving data available during outages and disruptions. ShardSecure offers robust data resilience in on-prem and cloud environments. With both virtual clusters and the option to configure two or more virtual clusters for failover, ShardSecure achieves high availability. That means that important healthcare data can remain accessible even during cloud provider disruptions, power outages, cyberattacks, and more. 

Avoid retraining staff: Your healthcare team is already burdened with critical work, so the last thing they need is a complex new procedure or program for accessing important data. Our technology is vendor-agnostic and easy to manage, and it has a low impact on operations teams. It also functions transparently, with no visible changes to workflows, so staff can benefit from our strong data security and resilience while continuing to use and store data exactly as usual. 

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