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Our origin story doesn't follow the traditional story line of starting in a Silicon Valley garage.

Rather, it starts in an office in New York and a CTO with a problem.

White line illustrations of the New York and Stockholm skylines overlaying a purple world map surrounded by scattered parallelograms representing Microshard data.
A line illustration of the New York skyline alongside a picture of Lou Steinberg.

In the beginning

Our co-founder and Chairman of the Board Lou Steinberg was the CTO of TD Ameritrade  and he'd just been handed a mandate from his Board to move everything to the cloud. He was fine with moving low-value data. He just didn't trust any environment over which he didn't have full control with the company's crown jewels. Yet, he had this mandate to fulfill...

Lou ruminated for a while and it occurred to him that, while he had no control over any given cloud provider's security, he could still exercise control over the data. So, what if he could make his sensitive data unsensitive to anyone who didn't have authorized access to the data?

Scattered purple parallelograms representing Microshard data, alongside the words

And thus, the concept of our Microshard™ technology was created.

Lou and our CEO Bob Lam had known each other since Bob's Wall Street days. And since those days, Bob had been no stranger to the startup world having been a co-founder, CFO, and VP of Business Development at two acquired companies. It made sense that they would pair up to start a new company based on this new Microshard concept. But it still needed to be developed.

A line illustration of the Stockholm skyline alongside pictures of Jesper Tohmo and Christer Roslund.

Enter Jesper Tohmo and Christer Roslund

Jesper and Christer were also well-acquainted with the startup world. With many years in the cybersecurity space, they had co-founded NordicEdge, an identity access and management company that had been acquired by McAfee. Bob, Jesper, and Christer had already known each other for a few years because of Bob's personal connection to Sweden, so it was a natural fit for the four to work together.

A purple world map with red map markers placed over New York and Stockholm.

And so ShardSecure was founded.

Today, we are headquarted in New York with offices in Sweden and Germany.