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Secure your organization's data today.

Experience the power of ShardSecure's patented data security platform, empowering your company to regain complete control over your valuable data. As the threat of cyberattacks continues to escalate and operational complexities become more challenging, ShardSecure simplifies data protection for companies like yours. Our cutting-edge technology allows you to secure your data wherever it resides - whether on-premises, in the cloud, or in hybrid- and multi-cloud environments.

With ShardSecure, you can enjoy unparalleled flexibility in safeguarding your data while ensuring utmost privacy and security. Our unified, multi-protocol platform seamlessly integrates with multiple cloud providers, delivering comprehensive data protection. It's plug and play flexibility suits security teams of all sizes from enterprize to SMEs across most verticals.

In addition to providing enhanced data privacy measures, ShardSecure offers

  • Agentless file-level protection,
  • Cloud ransomware mitigation,
  • Secure AI/AL datasets and models,
  • And compliance support for cross-border regulations including GDPR Schrems II and US state privacy regulations,
  • Our platform's self-healing feature ensures high availability and robust data resilience in the face of disruptions such as outages, attacks, and other unforeseen challenges.

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Today, we are headquartered in New York with offices in Sweden and Germany. Our dedicated teams help companies and organizations large and small across the Globe to simplify their data security, privacy and resilience.  

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