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ShardSecure’s data control platform helps companies regain control of their data.

We provide advanced data security and resilience without agents, performance hits, or the need to redesign applications or workflows.  

Our innovative technology lets organizations enjoy the flexibility and cost savings of storing their data wherever they want — on-premises, in the cloud, or in hybrid- and multi-cloud architectures. We render data at rest unreadable to everyone from unauthorized users and infrastructure administrators to cyberattackers, promoting strong data privacy and protection. With just one line of code change required, we are also extremely easy to integrate and transparent to applications. 

 The benefits of our data control platform include robust data security and resilience, native ransomware protection, support with cross-border compliance, easy plug-and-play integration, and more. Strengthen your security, leverage lower data storage costs, and retake control of your data today. 


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ShardSecure around the world

Today, we are headquartered in New York with offices in Sweden and Germany. Our dedicated teams help companies across the Globe to simplify their data protection. Our innovative data control platform allows our valued customers to enjoy the flexibility and cost savings of securing their data wherever they want: on-premises, in the cloud, or in hybrid-cloud architectures. 

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