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How to Achieve Secure Cold Storage Migration

We explore how companies can take advantage of cost savings in the cloud while protecting their cold data from unauthorized users, attacks, and outages.

Until recently, most organizations stored their cold data on-premises. Now, with new estimates suggesting that total global data storage is projected to exceed 200 zettabytes by 2025, companies need to optimize how and where they keep their data. This is especially true for cold data, which is infrequently accessed but must be archived for purposes including backup, historical, legal, audits, and compliance.

Businesses are increasingly considering migrating their cold data storage to the cloud, where they can reduce storage costs by over 70%. But despite the cost savings, many organizations have been hesitant to make the move due to concerns over data security, data privacy, downtime, and more.

In this white paper, we explain how our solution offers a way for organizations to strengthen their data protection and resilience so they can reap all the benefits of migrating their cold data to the cloud.