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VIDEO: Is your data your weakest link?

In 2023, data will be king. 

It’s the most important and financially valuable element of IT infrastructure. It’s a key focus for security teams, who must maintain business continuity in the face of breaches, adoptions of compliances and regulations as well as pain points around outages, ransomware attacks, insider threats, and more. 

Join ShardSecure's Field CTO Julian Weinberger and VP Product Management, Joe Sorial to learn how you can get control of your data, strengthen your security and resilience, and maximize your cost savings in the cloud. 

Key takeaways from this session: 

1. How to achieve data confidentiality in modern infrastructure, where the weakest links are and even enable security for unstructured      data.  

2. How to ensure data confidentiality for compliance and cross-border data regulations.  

3. How can data security and compliance frameworks be introduced without any business interruptions?


Session followed by Q & A