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Our patent-pending Microshard™ technology essentially desensitizes your sensitive data rendering it unintelligible and of no value to unauthorized users.

How it works

Your data is everywhere: applications, databases, servers. Our solution simply presents itself to them as a cloud and/or network storage location accessible through our S3-compatible API and iSCSI module.

Your code, text, video, image, and record data flows from its sources into the ShardSecure Engine.
ShardSecure Engine


Your data is first compressed, then shredded into four-byte microshards, which are too small to contain sensitive data.


The microshards are then mixed into multiple containers with poison data added to make unauthorized re-assembly exponentially more difficult.


Your Microshard data is distributed to multiple storage locations of your choosing in multi-cloud, multi-region, or hybrid cloud environments.

Supported destinations include AWS S3, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, IBM Cloud and Oracle Cloud.