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You may not be able to make the cloud more secure for your data, but you can make your data more secure for the cloud. Our Microshard technology essentially makes your sensitive data unsensitive and undesirable to unauthorized users.
Here's how it works:


Your data

Your data is everywhere: applications, databases, servers. Wherever your data originates, ShardSecure acts like a native storage solution.
Data flows from applications, databases, and servers as code, text, video, image, and record files.

How it works

We are a software solution and our virtual clusters may be deployed in the cloud and/or on-premises. Clusters may also be synchronized for high-availability and failover. We simply appear as cloud storage and as network storage to your applications, which requires minimal configuration changes to begin taking advantage of our Microshard technology.

Files are shredded into microshards that are typically too small to contain sensitive data. These are thoroughly mixed with poison data across multiple Microshard containers. 

The containers are distributed following a user-set policy to multiple storage locations, which may include multi-cloud, multi-region, multi-datacenter, on-prem, or hybrid combination of these. The appliance will reassemble Microshard data whenever needed for authorized users.


Improve data availability

Your users can still work with their microsharded files even when a storage location is unavailable.

Roll back cloud-based ransomware

Microshard data is subjected to integrity checks when written to and when retrieved from storage. If there is a discrepancy, unauthorized modifications, including encryption by ransomware, and deletions are restored to their last known good state.

Control your sensitive data anywhere

Microshard data is incomplete and unintelligible to unauthorized users.

Simplified storage migration

Move Microshard data easily among any of your storage locations with four clicks.

Cloud workload performance

Microshard data is written in smaller pieces to multiple storage locations in parallel.

Reduce attack surface

Distributed Microshard data drastically reduces available attack surface.

Multi-Cloud Support

We integrate with the top five cloud service providers to give you more flexibility in creating a Microshard storage strategy that makes sense for you using your storage. We currently support Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform (GCP), IBM Cloud, and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI).