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Agentless protection for unstructured data

  • Advanced protection for unstructured data
  • Simple integration with less complexity, less overhead, and no need for agents
  • File server and cloud storage protection
  • Data security offloading for application teams
  • FIPS 140-2 L1 certification


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Robust data resilience

  • Keep data safe and accessible during outages, unauthorized deletion, and other disruptions
  • Configure virtual clusters for failover and high availability
  • Protect against data tampering with data integrity checks
  • Automatically reconstruct affected data
  • Enable resilient multi-cloud data storage


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Advanced Data Privacy

  • Separate data access from infrastructure owners and admins
  • Support for regulatory compliance, including the GDPR/Schrems II and US state privacy laws
  • Maintain data confidentiality in cross-border data transfers
  • Address data sovereignty and residency concerns in on-prem, hybrid-cloud, and multi-cloud storage


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GDPR compliance and cross-border data protection

  • Mitigate data transfer risk and data sovereignty concerns
  • Use the cloud storage providers and geographic locations of your choice
  • Meet the requirements of Use Case 5 for Schrems II/GDPR compliance with split processing technology
  • Support for hybrid infrastructures, allowing some data to remain on-prem
  • Stay compliant within the constantly shifting regulatory landscape


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Cloud ransomware mitigation

  • Transparent, real-time reconstruction of data compromised by ransomware attacks
  • Make data unexploitable in double extortion attacks
  • Data integrity checks to detect data tampering and compromise
  • Self-healing data feature to reconstruct data during outages
  • Configurable data migration feature to automatically move data to a safe location


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Protection for AI/ML models and training data

  • Protect against data poisoning, exposure, and scraping by industrial espionage groups
  • Prevent unauthorized access to AI/ML models and training data by cloud admins
  • Keep AI/ML models and training data available during outages and other disruptions
  • S3-compatible API and iSCSI interface to simplify integration with AI/ML tools
  • Scale-out architecture and parallel I/O for performance on par with native object stores


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Control your data with ShardSecure.

ShardSecure’s mission is to help companies regain control of their data. In addition to advanced data privacy, the ShardSecure
platform provides agentless file-level protection, cloud ransomware mitigation, and support for cross-border regulatory compliance.
Its self-healing feature also helps companies maintain high availability and robust data resilience in the face of outages, attacks, and
other disruptions.

Solutions for complex challenges. Our technology offers strong data privacy, native ransomware protection, agentless file-level protection, easy plug-and-play integration, and more. We help organizations enjoy stronger security and resilience without surrendering control of their data or redesigning their workflows. 

Advanced data confidentiality. We ensure that your sensitive data is unintelligible to everyone from cloud provider admins to cyberattackers. 

Improved business continuity. We strengthen business continuity with our self-healing data, which detects and reverses data tampering. In the case of a service outage, deletion, or even ransomware attack, affected data is automatically and transparently reconstructed without disruption to your users or applications. 

Easy integration. With just one line of code change required, ShardSecure is extremely easy to integrate into your existing workflows. Our S3-compatible API and iSCSI module have minimal impact on your production applications, and our virtual clusters simply appear as storage to your applications. Data can be accessed instantly and moved to other storage locations with just a few clicks.


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Our solutions have been designed to address today’s challenges

Agentless file-level protection

Companies are under pressure to strengthen privacy and compliance and protect their data from unauthorized access. However, legacy solutions can slow performance, add complexity, and drain security team resources. ShardSecure offers an innovative approach to file-level encryption without the cost and complexity of agent-based solutions. With low latency, fast throughput, and simple integration, our technology protects unstructured data on-premises, in the cloud, and in hybrid- and multi-cloud architectures.

Robust data resilience

ShardSecure helps maintain the availability, accessibility, and accuracy of data in the face of tampering, deletion, outages, and other disruptions. For high availability, each instance of ShardSecure is a virtual cluster that can be run on-premises or in the cloud, and customers can configure two or more virtual clusters for failover. Our data integrity checks detect unauthorized modifications, and our self-healing feature automatically reconstructs affected data in real-time.

Advanced data privacy

The ShardSecure platform provides protection against third-party data access by infrastructure owners, cloud providers, and local storage admins. Even if a storage location is breached, the data remains private to unauthorized users. This advanced data privacy helps mitigate the impact of data breaches and supports secure cross-border data transfers.

Cross-border data protection and GDPR compliance

The ShardSecure platform allows companies to use the cloud storage providers and geographic locations of their choice to mitigate data transfer risk and address data sovereignty and residency concerns. As a split processing technology that can be easily deployed in a multi-party processing environment, we meet the requirements of Use Case 5 for Schrems II/GDPR compliance.

Cloud ransomware mitigation

In the face of rising cyberattacks, ShardSecure offers transparent, real-time reconstruction of data that’s been encrypted by ransomware. We mitigate the impact of double extortion ransomware attacks, rendering exfiltrated data unintelligible and unexploitable. The configurable data migration feature also allows admins to automatically migrate data to a safe alternate location in the event of a breach.

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We shred, mix, and distribute your data.

Files are shredded into microshards too small to contain sensitive data. Microshards are mixed across multiple containers, which are distributed across multiple storage locations.