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VIDEO: Optimize your cloud storage investments

Organizations are facing a technological gauntlet in 2023. There’s the rising threat of cyberattacks like ransomware, the looming possibility of a recession, and ever-increasing operational costs — not to mention the issue of ballooning data storage. 

Join Bob Lam, CEO and Co-Founder, ShardSecure and Zack Link, VP Security Engineering, ShardSecure.  In this session we work through what happened to a F500 customer of ShardSecure as they were aggressively moving to the cloud in a lift and shift model.

Key takeaways from this session:

- How distributing data across multi-cloud environments not only saves costs but also increases security and privacy.

- How organizations can set up the perfect hybrid- or multi-cloud environment to suit their exact working practices and operations.

- How to gain control of your data and tame rising storage costs while increasing your data protection and resilience.