NEW YORK, NY — ShardSecure™, the data security company whose Microshard™ technology helps organizations eliminate the sensitivity of data to accelerate cloud adoption, was recently included in the Forrester report, “The Zero Trust eXtended Ecosystem: Data”[1]. The report is available for purchase or with a subscription via Forrester: The Zero Trust eXtended Ecosystem: Data.

    “ShardSecure is pleased to be included by Forrester in their ‘Zero Trust eXtended Ecosystem: Data’ report,” said ShardSecure CEO and Co-founder, Bob Lam. “We founded ShardSecure on the belief that traditional data security methods provided insufficient protection in today’s vast, increasingly cloud-centric data ecosystems. Microsharding data provides a critical layer of protection by eliminating the sensitivity of data, helping organizations achieve the data privacy that is a pillar of Zero Trust.”

    Through Microsharding, ShardSecure extends beyond access control to separate data from privileged admins, employees and cloud providers, eliminating the risk of human error and insider threat. Obtaining unauthorized access to Microshard data is a mathematical near impossibility that would require a hacker to correctly identify all locations where Microshard data is distributed, gain access to all those locations and know how to isolate and reassemble the right Microshard data. It turns the attacker’s challenge from a time and compute power problem to a time, compute power and spatial problem. Encryption may slow an attacker down, but Microshard data protection persists over time.

    With a veteran cybersecurity team and board of advisors and investors that includes figures such as Tom Noonan, former Internet Security Systems CEO & Co-founder (acquired by IBM for $1.9B) and former CTO of TD Ameritrade, Lou Steinberg, along with backers like SineWave Ventures, Industrifonden and 500 Startups, ShardSecure’s deep industry knowledge is a key strategic advantage in helping organizations future-proof their data security strategy.

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    About ShardSecure

    ShardSecure provides absolute privacy and zero data sensitivity for organizations storing and sharing data in the cloud. ShardSecure’s unique Microshard™ technology shreds, mixes and distributes data to eliminate its value on backend cloud infrastructure, and is the only solution capable of breaking data into single-digit bytes without sacrificing performance. Enterprises rely on ShardSecure to accelerate cloud adoption and lower compliance costs knowing their most sensitive data is reliably obscured. Learn more at

    [1] The Zero Trust eXtended Ecosystem: Data, Forrester Research, Inc., August 11th, 2020