Our founders combine over sixty years of cybersecurity leadership experience

    Bob Lam


    Bob Lam is the CEO & Co-Founder of ShardSecure™, Inc. Previously, Bob was the co-founder of Bayshore Networks, a leading Industrial IoT cybersecurity company. Bob held several leadership positions at Bayshore including COO, CFO, Chief Strategy Officer and Head of Partner Sales…

    Jesper Tohmo


    Jesper Tohmo is the Co-Founder and CTO at ShardSecure™. A longtime security expert, Jesper has over 15 years of experience in cyber security and cloud computing. Previously, Jesper co-founded security company 2 face commit, served as Cloud Automation…

    Christer Roslund

    VP Engineering

    Christer Roslund is the Co-Founder and VP of Engineering at ShardSecure™. Prior to ShardSecure™, Christer co-founded security company 2 face commit, and spent time at leading security organizations such as McAfee and Netegrity. Christer also co-founded…

    Lou Steinberg


    Lou Steinberg is the Co-Founder & Chairman at ShardSecure™. Previously the CTO at TD Ameritrade, Lou is a seasoned technology leader with a track record of delivering growth through innovation. He is currently the Managing Partner of CTM insights…

     Robert Stephen

    VP of Strategic Sales

    Robert Stephen is the VP of Strategic Sales at ShardSecure. Robert is a seasoned cybersecurity and sales leader who has played a key role in the growth of industry-leading organizations…

    Senior Advisors

     Tom Noonan

    Advisor & Investor

    Tom Noonan is one of the cybersecurity industry’s most respected and long-standing leaders of the last 25 years. He was the co-founder and former CEO of Internet Security Systems, which was acquired by IBM for $1.9 B. Noonan was also the recipient of RSA Security Conference’s prestigious “Lifetime Achievement Award” in 2008…

    John McNulty


    John McNulty is a cyber security veteran who held leadership positions at Intel and Genesys before guiding NASDAQ-traded Secure Computing as Chairman and CEO through tremendous turnaround and growth from 1999 to 2008, leading to its acquisition by McAfee for approximately $500 million. McNulty went on to serve as President & CEO of…