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ShardSecure® Announces Allowance of Pivotal US Patent Application

NEW YORK, NY — June 19, 2023: ShardSecure, a leading provider of cloud data security and resilience software, is pleased to announce its receipt of a Notice of Allowance related to our pivotal US patent application covering the current ShardSecure platform. We expect that the USPTO will grant the patent within a few months. This patent covers methods and systems for increasing data security of an organization’s content, partly by (i) breaking the content into shards that are smaller than a predetermined maximum size and (ii) determining a pointer that identifies the location where the shard shall be stored.

This US Patent is part of the initial ShardSecure patent family, which comprises an Australian Patent, Canadian Patent Application, and EP Patent Application. In addition to this initial patent family, ShardSecure remains focused on protecting its innovation through the filing of at least two new patent families leveraging additional technical improvement of the ShardSecure platform.

“At ShardSecure, we help companies regain control of their data with an innovative platform that strengthens data security and privacy, provides agentless protection for unstructured data, and supports cross-border regulatory compliance,” said ShardSecure Co-Founder and CEO Bob Lam. “We are excited to be securing this patent from USPTO, as it further validates what our customers and partners already know: ShardSecure’s technology offers unique capabilities for protecting data in our modern threat landscape.”

Joe Sorial, VP of Product, added: “The commercial applications of this patent meet a myriad of requirements for mitigating business disruptions due to cloud outages and improving organizations’ operational resilience and security postures. The technology also meets the strict compliance standards of the GDPR/Schrems II ruling, enabling strong cross-border data protection for global operations.”

“As seasoned cybersecurity experts, we evaluate a wide range of data security solutions,” said ​​David Neuman, a senior analyst at TAG Cyber. “ShardSecure’s ability to provide agentless file-level protection and resilience in hybrid cloud, multi-cloud, and on-prem configurations puts it in a unique category. We anticipate that this US patent will strengthen customer trust in the ShardSecure platform and its specific benefits for data protection.”

About ShardSecure

In the face of rising cyberattacks and operational complexity, ShardSecure helps companies simplify their data protection. Our innovative technology lets companies enjoy the flexibility of securing their data wherever it resides — on-premises, in the cloud, or in hybrid- and multi-cloud architectures. ShardSecure delivers strong data privacy, security, and resilience in a unified, multi-protocol platform that works across multiple cloud providers. The ShardSecure platform also provides agentless file-level protection, ransomware risk mitigation, self-healing, protection for AI/ML models and training data, and support for regulatory compliance.

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