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Navigating the SaaS Data Security Minefield with ShardSecure

In recent years, the adoption of Software as a Service (SaaS) apps has skyrocketed across organizations large and small. SaaS offers incredible advantages in terms of cost efficiency, scalability, accessibility, and integration. From SaaS backup solutions to AI tools and beyond, these services can provide functionality and ease at a fraction of the cost needed to employ the same solutions in-house.

However, as with any technological revolution, the growing use of SaaS apps is not without its perils, particularly in the realm of data security. Today, we’ll explore some top SaaS data protection concerns and discuss how the ShardSecure platform can help.

The data dilemma in SaaS environments

The convenience of SaaS is a double-edged sword. Companies often leap at the chance to integrate these powerful tools into their business operations without fully understanding or mitigating the potential security risks. Data loss, data deletion, and data breaches are not just threats; they are costly realities for many businesses in today's digital landscape.

From gaps left by the shared responsibility model to costly downtime and loss of business continuity, SaaS security is a highly complex issue. Here are a few key vulnerabilities:

  • Multi-tenancy: SaaS applications often share resources between multiple customers. While generally secure, misconfigurations or software vulnerabilities can lead to unauthorized access.
  • Data in transit: Information that moves between users and SaaS applications can be intercepted if not properly encrypted.
  • Lack of visibility: When data is stored off-premises, organizations often lose sight of who has access to their data and how it is being protected.
  • Shared responsibility model: For SaaS solutions that rely on cloud services, the shared responsibility model can lead to confusion about which data is protected in which locations. The more third-party SaaS vendors that are involved, the easier it is to miss important security vulnerabilities.
  • Compliance and regulatory challenges: Different industries have various requirements for handling and storing data that don’t always align with the security measures taken by SaaS providers or their underlying cloud storage and cloud service providers. Similarly, different states, countries, and international organizations have different data protection laws, like the EU’s GDPR or California’s CCPA.

Introducing ShardSecure: the vanguard of SaaS data protection

Amid these concerns, companies are in dire need of robust solutions to safeguard their information. While fundamentals like strong access controls, multifactor authentication, data loss prevention, and cloud backups are all necessary to protect critical SaaS data, they’re increasingly not enough.

This is where we can help: with innovative technology to fortify data security in the SaaS-dominated corporate world.

ShardSecure is not just another data security platform; it's a cutting-edge response to the pressing challenges posed by the SaaS environment. Our Microshard™ technology is specifically designed to address and mitigate the risks that have emerged with the proliferation of SaaS apps.

How does ShardSecure support SaaS data protection?

ShardSecure works by breaking sensitive data into small pieces of single digit bytes, or microshards. In the microsharding process, these microshards are then distributed across multiple storage locations, ensuring that no individual location contains enough information to be of value on its own to potential hackers. This revolutionary approach offers several benefits:

  • Enhanced security: Even if a microsharded dataset falls into the wrong hands, it's useless without all the other datasets, which are securely stored in different locations.
  • Data integrity: Redundancy of microsharded data across multiple locations can protect against data loss, a feature that ShardSecure automates.
  • Regulatory compliance: By storing microshards in jurisdictions compliant with regional regulations, ShardSecure addresses legal and privacy concerns.
  • Reduced data footprint: Microshards are useless on their own. Combined with strong data management and retention policies, this approach enables secure storage with a lower risk profile.
  • Flexibility: Microsharding works in a wide variety of on-prem and cloud environments, from multi-cloud models that employ public clouds like AWS and Azure to hybrid-cloud setups with a mix of on-premises and cloud data.

Closing the security gaps

ShardSecure is also an invaluable partner in managing the intricate security ecosystem that most organizations must navigate. By providing a single, cohesive data protection solution, ShardSecure allows for a more streamlined approach to security, addressing common SaaS vulnerabilities such as:

  • Misconfigurations: By taking the responsibility of data security away from individual configurations, microsharding reduces the risk associated with human error or misconfiguration.
  • Insider threats: The scattering of data fragments ensures that even those with authorized access have no exploitable data.
  • Ransomware attacks: The ShardSecure platform renders data unusable for exfiltration and automatically reconstructs lost or unavailable data in the case of ransomware or other cyberattacks.
  • Data residency: For global businesses, ShardSecure’s technology can ensure data resides within required jurisdictions, a must for international regulatory compliance.

The path to a secure, SaaS-forward future

It's clear that SaaS apps are here to stay, making it imperative for organizations to get up to speed and navigate the data security landscape with acumen and agility. In a sea of evolving cybersecurity threats, ShardSecure's approach to data privacy and protection offers a powerful and innovative solution. Last year, we were even named a 2023 Gartner® Cool Vendor in Privacy.

By adopting our microsharding technology, businesses not only improve their security posture but also gain peace of mind, allowing them to leverage the full benefits of their SaaS applications worry-free.

As we continue to push the boundaries of what's possible in SaaS, companies that prioritize data security and partner with forward-thinking security providers like ShardSecure will undoubtedly stand at the forefront of this transformative era. In the end, the goal is clear — seamless innovation coupled with uncompromised security — and that's a reality worth striving for.