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Take advantage of cost savings in the cloud. 

Reduce your hardware, maintenance, and licensing costs by replacing your on-premises cold storage with cloud storage. Even if you’re in a highly regulated industry, you can still enjoy cloud adoption with ShardSecure’s advanced data protection. 

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Our software allows you to safely and securely migrate your on-prem data to the cloud, including in hybrid- and multi-cloud environments, by rendering sensitive data unintelligible to unauthorized users. Strong data privacy means that your data is protected from third-party access — even in the midst of misconfigurations or attacks. 

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ShardSecure’s technology allows you to choose the best storage options for your business — and then change your mind as you scale. Organizations remain in complete control of where their data is stored, and they can move data among different storage locations with just a few clicks. 

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Our self-healing data can reverse any unauthorized tampering with your data at rest so that your business continuity is uninterrupted. In the case of a service outage, deletion, or even ransomware attack, affected data can be automatically and transparently rebuilt without disruption to your users or applications. 

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We shred, mix, and distribute your data.

Files are shredded into microshards too small to contain sensitive data. Microshards are mixed across multiple containers, which are distributed across multiple storage locations.