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New York, NY

ShardSecure today announced that cybersecurity industry veteran John McNulty has joined their board of advisors. McNulty joins a seasoned team of investors and advisors which also includes cybersecurity luminary Tim Noonan, and VC funds like SineWave and 500 Startups, among others.

John McNulty is a cyber security veteran who held leadership positions at Intel and Genesys before guiding NASDAQ-traded Secure Computing as Chairman and CEO through tremendous turnaround and growth from 1999 to 2008, leading to its acquisition by McAfee for approximately $500 million. McNulty then went on to serve as President & CEO of InterAct911 Corp., a public safety software platform who he also saw through successful exit via acquisition by Constellation Software Inc. in 2015.

McNulty is currently a member of the Board of Directors at the network monitoring company cPacket Networks, and Bayshore Networks, a leading industrial control system protection company. McNulty recently served on the board of Opengear, which was acquired by Digi International for approximately $150 M in November 2019.

I am excited to be supporting ShardSecure as they help organizations reduce data sensitivity and embrace the scalability of cloud. Cloud misconfigurations continue to be exploited by nefarious parties, to the detriment of some of today’s leading enterprises along with their customers. The market is in clear need of a solution that protects against security vulnerabilities caused by misconfigurations, and ShardSecure’s Microshard technology provides a unique solution by fragmenting and dispersing data to make it unreadable to would-be hackers.

John McNulty

ShardSecure announced a seed funding round at the end of 2019 and has built and continues to build an experienced list of advisors, investors and customer advisory board members.

We’re thrilled to have John McNulty join Shard Secure as an advisor. He brings a wealth of industry knowledge, leadership and corporate governance expertise to our team and has an impressive track record in delivering shareholder results.

CEO & Co-founder, Bob Lam

Learn more about ShardSecure at, or at upcoming presentations at conferences including AGC’s 2020 West Coast Information Security & Broader Technology Growth Conference and RSA Security Conference on February 24, 2020.

About ShardSecure

Headquartered in New York City, ShardSecure® is the world’s most innovative data security company, disrupting the data privacy and security market with Microshard™ technology – the only solution capable of breaking data into single-digit bytes and distributing across cloud locations without sacrificing performance.

Microsharding provides zero data sensitivity for cloud-stored or on-prem data, and can be used with or without encryption to provide true defense in depth. Led by veteran cybersecurity entrepreneurs and investors, ShardSecure works with some of the world’s most successful companies in healthcare, financial services and technology to ensure ultimate data privacy and compliance, while making data migration to the cloud more secure and faster than ever.

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