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ShardSecure™, the world’s most innovative provider of data privacy and security with Microshard™ technology, was recognized by SINET recently as a “SINET Company to Watch”, a new category of achievement that SINET introduced this year as part of their annual SINET 16 Innovators Awards.

The “SINET Companies to Watch” distinction was awarded to just three companies that the judging panel recognized as early stage startups with especially strong value add.

The SINET 16 Innovators Awards are well-known and highly-regarded within the cybersecurity industry. We are honored that this year’s esteemed panel of judges recognize the value of our Microshard™ technology and the importance of eliminating the sensitivity of data in the cloud.

Bob Lam, ShardSecure CEO and Co-founder

The SINET organization connects senior level private and government security professionals with solution providers, buyers, researchers and innovators to accelerate cybersecurity innovation through collaboration. SINET assesses emerging technologies and products from hundreds of companies across the globe each year to select winders of the SINET 16 Awards. As one of three recipients of the “SINET Companies to Watch” awards, ShardSecure joins a prestigious lineup of organizations bringing compelling new technology to the cybersecurity market.

The list of winners of the SINET 16 Innovators Awards is viewable on the SINET website.

About ShardSecure

In the face of rising cyberattacks and operational complexity, ShardSecure helps companies simplify their data security and protection programs. Our innovative, agentless data control platform lets organizations secure their data, whether it resides on-premises, in the cloud, or in multi- and hybrid-cloud architectures. With strong data security and resilience, agentless file-level protection, support for cross-border compliance, native ransomware protection, and simple integration, ShardSecure helps you stay in control of your data.

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