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Garrett Bekker of 451 Research covers ShardSecure's $2.5m funding round, led by EPIC Ventures with participation from existing investors Industrifonden and former Internet Security Systems and Joulex CEO Tom Noonan.

"ShardSecure is an emerging data security vendor that was founded on a fairly simple premise: split sensitive data into tiny pieces and distribute it across multiple locations, so that the individual pieces are meaningless in the wrong hands, a process known as 'sharding.' ShardSecure has applied a variety of optimization techniques that allow for less latency via 'micro' shards that can be as small as a few bytes."

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About ShardSecure

ShardSecure is changing the nature of data security. They believe that all organizations can easily and securely enjoy the benefits of cloud adoption without surrendering control of their data. Inventors of the patent-pending Microshard technology, ShardSecure cloud-enables sensitive data by desensitizing it in multi-cloud and hybrid-cloud environments.

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