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KPMG and ShardSecure: Announcing Our Alliance

New research shows that 83% of companies will experience a data breach, with the average cost per incident topping $9 million in the United States. Cyberthreats are more abundant than ever, and they’re only going to become more damaging in the coming months. 

That’s why we’re happy to announce a new chapter in our ongoing relationship with KPMG, one of the top cyber consulting and advisory firms globally. KPMG LLP will bundle ShardSecure’s MicroshardTM solution with cloud security service offerings in the US. This will provide a robust cloud security solution for our joint enterprise customers. KPMG also intends to support ShardSecure on go-to-market strategy to meet the growing need for data protection, privacy, and resilience in the cloud using jointly developed cloud security solution offerings. 

The alliance will allow us to continue being a long-term cloud data security partner for Fortune 1000 enterprises. KPMG’s wealth of knowledge and expertise in the cybersecurity industry will also serve us well as we help more organizations migrate their sensitive data to the cloud. 

Here’s how ShardSecure will enhance KPMG’s cyber offerings 

KPMG’s many cyber services include cloud security, cyber strategy, cyber transformation, and cyber threat management. ShardSecure’s data protection solution will add to that, helping clients to alleviate critical cybersecurity risks in the cloud. The combined offerings will help clients improve their cybersecurity posture with critical infrastructure, including ransomware protection and recovery, cloud privileged access, data lifecycle management, incident response, data loss prevention (DLP), data obfuscation, data protection and privacy strategy, and zero trust. 

ShardSecure supports organizations in maintaining control of their unstructured data, providing strong confidentiality and security for sensitive information. Our software offers strong data resilience in the face of outages, ransomware, cyberattacks, and more. It also helps organizations control their data security costs by taking advantage of savings in the cloud. 

The top use cases for our software include: 

  • Cloud-based ransomware protection and recovery 
  • Secure cold storage migration 
  • Cross-border data protection 
  • Strong data resilience in the cloud
  • File-level protection
  • Cost savings in AWS and beyond 

Data confidentiality 

ShardSecure’s technology ensures strong data confidentiality and protects unstructured data and metadata in specific files, folders, and storage locations. By splitting data into very small pieces (microshards) and then distributing those containers to multiple customer-owned storage locations, we ensure that data is unintelligible to third parties, from cloud storage admins to cyberattackers. 

Clients who need strong data privacy to protect sensitive data or to meet compliance with regulations like the GDPR will be well served by our solution. ShardSecure lets organizations store their data where they want with no fears of unauthorized access. 

Data integrity 

ShardSecure also offers multiple data integrity checks that detect outages, data tampering, and unauthorized deletion of data, including by cloud storage ransomware. Once a problem is detected, the ShardSecure solution sends a security alert and immediately begins to reconstruct the affected data transparently and in real-time — even when multiple storage locations are involved. 

ShardSecure can also protect against the impact of data exfiltration in double extortion ransomware attacks. With no way to reconstruct data, criminals have nothing of value to publish even if they do gain access to your most sensitive data. 

Data availability 

ShardSecure offers high availability, even during cloud provider outages. Each instance of ShardSecure is a virtual cluster that can be run on-premises or in the cloud, and customers can configure two or more virtual clusters for failover. 

 With over 60% of 2022 data center failures resulting in at least $100,000 in total losses, high availability is increasingly important. Our RAID-like ability to reconstruct affected data means that business operations can continue functioning like normal and users can keep working uninterrupted during an outage or attack. 

What’s next for ShardSecure 

It’s only been seven months since we announced our $12M Series A funding round, but ShardSecure has already made large strides. 

  • Partnerships with Entrust and Fortanix are strengthening ShardSecure’s already robust data protection with the added assurance of HSMs. 
  • An integration with Komprise is providing a unified solution that seamlessly maximizes storage investments while adding strong protection for stored data. 
  • A new integration with Backblaze is helping clients take advantage of scalable, affordable cloud storage pricing and top-notch data security technology at the same time. 
  • Our co-selling status with Microsoft and our addition to Azure Marketplace is making our solution available to more organizations. 

The KPMG alliance will accelerate our progress further. We plan to embark on joint marketing activities including webinars, events, conference appearances, white papers, and more. We also plan to continue expanding into the Fortune 1000 market in addition to mid-sized companies.

We’re excited about how far we’ve come, and we’re looking forward to seeing how much further we'll go in 2023. For more information about our technology, use cases, and more, check out resources or contact us for a demo today.