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Protect your sensitive data in Microsoft 365

ShardSecure natively integrates with Microsoft 365 to support organizations who want additional data security and the flexibility to choose their own cloud storage configuration while giving their users a seamless Microsoft 365 Online experience.


A smooth Microsoft 365 Online experience

Because we are a certified Microsoft Cloud Partner, we use native Microsoft APIs to create a smooth experience for Microsoft 365 Online users with support for Excel, Word, and PowerPoint.


Copy files from OneDrive

It’s also easy to copy your files from OneDrive to the ShardSecure virtual appliance. Copy one, several, or all your files from OneDrive to the ShardSecure for Microsoft 365 application with the click of a button for any file type.


Storage flexibility

ShardSecure provides native support for multi-cloud and hybrid-cloud environments, and our Microsoft 365 integration gives you the same flexibility in choosing the storage configuration that works best for your business.

Watch our demo

Zack Link, Head of Cybersecurity demonstrates our Microsoft 365 integration

Discover how ShardSecure works

We shred, mix, and distribute your data.

Files are shredded into microshards too small to contain sensitive data. Microshards are mixed across multiple containers, which are distributed across multiple storage locations.