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Microsharding and the New EU-US Data Privacy Framework

In an increasingly globalized, cloud-based world, concerns about cross-border data processing and data transfers abound. More and more countries have implemented data privacy and protection laws, and international regulations like the GDPR and the APEC Privacy Framework have sprung up to govern the flow of data among nations.

This white paper breaks down one such regulation: the new EU-US Data Privacy Framework. We examine the October 2022 executive order that established the EU-US Data Privacy Framework, plus how this framework responds to concerns raised by the landmark Schrems II data privacy case. We also identify several major concerns with the framework, discuss the European Commission's six-month adequacy decision process by which this framework will be either adopted or rejected, and lay out potential next steps for organizations.

Finally, we explain how microsharding offers an advanced data privacy solution that keeps organizations in control of their data and helps mitigate cross-border data processing risks.