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ShardSecure and Entrust robust data protection

In the modern workplace, data security risks abound. Threats like ransomware and man-in-the-middle attacks are becoming both more sophisticated and more expensive to recover from. Add in the growing complexity of remote work and multi-cloud and hybrid-cloud infrastructures, and the task of data protection can seem daunting.

ShardSecure’s patented Microshard™ technology offers an advanced solution with self-healing data to desensitize sensitive files for the cloud. For added security, ShardSecure also partners with Entrust. The integration between ShardSecure and Entrust combines the data protection benefits of Microshard technology with the secure key generation and management of Entrust’s nShield HSM (Hardware Security Module).

The partnership ensures that unstructured data in cloud environments is well protected against outages, attacks, and other forms of data compromise. ShardSecure’s protection of unstructured data complements Entrust’s key management solutions for the protection of structured (database) data to address a wide range of customer needs.