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ShardSecure strengthens data resilience in the cloud

Strong data resilience means that organizations are able to maintain their operations in the face of unexpected events like cyberattacks, network outages, data theft, and more. Without data resilience, those organizations may suffer outages, lower performance, losses of revenue, and sometimes even reputational damage from interruptions to business continuity. Outages may also leave some companies in violation of service level agreements that promise a certain amount of uptime or availability.

Achieving data resilience in the cloud brings an added layer of complexity. Although a cloud provider’s infrastructure typically offers some resilience, organizations may still be affected by whatever outages and attacks the provider experiences. Lack of clarity within the shared responsibility model may also lead to potential weaknesses in data resilience, leaving organizations vulnerable.

Given how multifaceted it is, data resilience in the cloud can be difficult to achieve. While data security solutions typically protect data privacy and confidentiality, they don’t always ensure that protected data will be available during an outage. Indeed, many tools to protect data at rest — like common encryption and tokenization and anonymization products — don’t address data resilience at all.

Download our solution brief to learn how you can strengthen your data resilience, and maintain your data's integrity and availability with ShardSecure.