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Automatically eliminate the value of your data on back-end cloud infrastructure. Our unique Microshard™ technology shreds, mixes and distributes data so it is it incomplete and unreadable, while ensuring high availability, disaster recovery and security. Data is protected in the event of a breach, separated from those with privileged access, and the sensitivity class is reduced for regulatory compliance.

Your applications, backup servers, and databases feed into ShardSecure's Microshard Engine, located in containerized virtual appliances in a high availability cluster. Your data is shredded or compressed into Microshards, mixed with poison data, then distributed to multiple locations in the cloud or on-premises.

How it works

The ShardSecure™ Virtual Appliance can be deployed in the cloud or on-premises to ensure data security and privacy. The appliance ingests unstructured data via the RESTful API, NFS, and SMB.

Data is compressed then shredded into microshards. Microshard™ data is thoroughly mixed, poison data is added, and new shards (containers holding many microshards) equal to the number of configured storage destinations are formed.

Data is distributed following a user-set policy to multiple independent locations, which may include on-premises/datacenter or cloud storage. The appliance will reassemble microshard data whenever needed for authorized users.


Structured and unstructured data

Eliminate sensitivity of files, streaming data and databases.

Single-digit byte shard sizes

The only technology capable of shards as small as 4 bytes.

Encryption compatible

Shard before or after encrypting without disruption.

One-click migration

Move Microshard data easily between locations with one click.

Zero trust data security

Separate data from admins, employees, and cloud providers, eliminate human error and insider threat risks.

Reduce attack surface

Distributed, Microshard™ data drastically reduces available attack surface.

2-10x cloud performance gains

Streaming Microshard data can yield read, write, transfer performance improvements.

Multi-Cloud Support

The ShardSecure™ Engine is currently integrated with the top five cloud service providers including AWS, Azure, Google, IBM and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, in addition to Box and Dropbox.

Our flexible core engine can be rapidly integrated with other cloud service providers upon customer request.

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