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ShardSecure, inventor of the innovative Microshard™ technology that mitigates data security and privacy risks in the cloud, has been named a prominent commercial vendor in a new market segment: Cloud Data Fragmentation, or CDF.

The CDF market segment was identified by TAG Cyber in its July 2022 analyst report and represents a significant evolution in the cloud data security landscape. It also demonstrates the growing need for new approaches like ShardSecure’s three-step microsharding process to strengthen data resilience in the cloud. 

"Cloud Data Fragmentation is an exciting new category of cybersecurity solutions — not only for providing cloud-native security and privacy protection, but alsofor improving the resilience of cloud-hosted data," said Ed Amoroso, CEO and Founder of TAG Cyber. "While this general method of distributing data has been in existence for many years, it’s only recently that commercial vendors like ShardSecure have emerged to perform data fragmentation at the application level. Solutions like Microshard technology allow organizations a promising way to protect their sensitive data in multi-cloud environments and improve their overall data security."

The new CDF market segment, which is also discussed in TAG Cyber’s 2022 Q3 report, includes technologies that break up data into discrete fragments to be processed and stored in diverse locations. As the report notes, CDF solutions rely on the idea that distributed objects in public clouds are more difficult to attack than combined ones — a concept that forms the basis of ShardSecure’s patented shred-mix-distribute process.

Specifically, ShardSecure’s Microshard technology desensitizes sensitive data by digitally shredding it into microshards that are too small to contain sensitive data. Those microshards are then mixed with poison data and distributed to multiple customer-owned storage locations of the customer's choosing.

Microshard technology renders sensitive data unintelligible and of no value in the wrong hands, enabling that data for multi-cloud and hybrid-cloud environments. It also drastically mitigates the impact of data compromise and supports business continuity during outages, ransomware attacks, and more. Additionally, Microshard technology’s self-healing data allows affected Microshard containers to be reconstructed, reversing unauthorized deletion and tampering.  

"We’re pleased to be recognized in TAG Cyber’s report as part of this significant new market segment," said Bob Lam, CEO and Co-Founder of ShardSecure. "We believe that microsharding is an invaluable tool for strengthening data resilience and security, and recognition of the CDF category demonstrates the growing need for Microshard technology. By mitigating the impact of threats ranging from outages and data extortion to ransomware, ShardSecure is poised to be a key player for strengthening data protection in this market segment."


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About ShardSecure

In the face of rising cyberattacks and operational complexity, ShardSecure helps companies simplify their data protection. Our innovative technology lets companies enjoy the flexibility of securing their data wherever it resides — on-premises, in the cloud, or in hybrid- and multi-cloud architectures. ShardSecure delivers strong data privacy, security, and resilience in a unified, multi-protocol platform that works across multiple cloud providers. The ShardSecure platform also provides agentless file-level protection, ransomware risk mitigation, self-healing, protection for AI/ML models and training data, and support for regulatory compliance.

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