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ShardSecure announces global partnership agreements with Connect I.T., New England Safety Partners, T•Services and Fivesky

ShardSecure®, the world’s most innovative provider of data security and privacy with Microshard™ technology, announced today they have signed partnership agreements with Connect I.T., New England Safety Partners and T•Services in Brazil. The resellers join FiveSky, who signed on to sell ShardSecure’s solutions earlier this year, as well as D.C. Consulting and Red River.

“We are so pleased to be able to continually expand our distribution capacity through partnerships with these esteemed resale solutions providers,” said ShardSecure CEO and Co-founder, Bob Lam. Bill Rubin, CEO of Connect I.T., a global provider of leading-edge network and cyber defense technologies, commented, “ShardSecure’s Microshard technology meets Connect I.T. Solutions’ high standards for ensuring customers are protected from data breaches such as those caused by cloud misconfiguration or malicious attack. Their solution takes an innovative approach to adding a critical security layer for our customers in a range of verticals and functions.”

New England Safety Partners helps businesses with comprehensive risk management services in cyber security, physical security and compliance management. On their agreement with ShardSecure, Edward Gardner, Principle, New England Safety Partners added, “We’re thrilled to work with ShardSecure to offer our customers an effective way of mitigating risk associated with their sensitive data, especially one that can be easily implemented both in place of or as a complement to existing security controls, while leveraging existing technology footprints. ShardSecure not only augments overall security, but can improve audit outcomes and positively impact compliance programs.”

Chris Oliver of Brazilian value-added reseller and IT solutions provider T•Services said, “We are pleased to be offering ShardSecure’s Microshard technology to customers in South America, helping clients accelerate cloud adoption, secure source code repositories, IoT video and backup data bases and positively impact regulatory requirements.” T•Services has supported clients in finance, aerospace, government, defense, manufacturing, and more for over eighteen years.

ShardSecure also finalized a partnership agreement with New York-based Fivesky, an IT and network security advisory and solutions provider, earlier in 2021. “We are excited to partner with ShardSecure, whose Microshard technology will help our Wall Street customers embrace the benefits of new cloud computing models knowing their data is reliably protected,” said Fivesky CEO Reza Pourkhomami.

In addition to Connect I.T., New England Safety Partners, T•Services, and Fivesky, ShardSecure has agreements in place D.C. Consulting and Red River. The software is also sold directly by ShardSecure and is available via the AWS Marketplace.

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In the face of rising cyberattacks and operational complexity, ShardSecure helps companies simplify their data security and protection programs. Our innovative, agentless data control platform lets organizations secure their data, whether it resides on-premises, in the cloud, or in multi- and hybrid-cloud architectures. With strong data security and resilience, agentless file-level protection, support for cross-border compliance, native ransomware protection, and simple integration, ShardSecure helps you stay in control of your data.

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