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leafplanner Turns to ShardSecure® for Heightened Data Security

ShardSecure, inventor of the innovative Microshard technology that mitigates data security and privacy risks in the cloud, has been adopted by succession planning company leafplanner to provide advanced data security for wealthy families’ personal information. A non-financial aggregator of family and family enterprise information, leafplanner offers a software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution augmented with ShardSecure data protection for families with $10 million to over $1 billion in assets.

With over four decades of wealth advisory knowledge, leafplanner was founded by CEO Josh Kanter as a result of his personal and professional experiences with his own multi-generational family and those he advises. Today, leafplanner helps families create a dynamic, interconnected repository of information about assets, business relationships, family operations, and more.

Because of the sensitive nature of their client information, leafplanner turned to ShardSecure and its patented Microshard technology for stronger data privacy protection.

“With our target market of high-net-worth, ultra-high-net-worth, and family office clientele, security and privacy are of the utmost concern and at the top of everyone’s mind,” said leafplanner COO Ryan Hamlin. “From a security standpoint, if you’re a SaaS business storing crucial customer information in the cloud, why not provide your clients an additional layer of protection? For us, ShardSecure’s focus on cybersecurity and data privacy makes sense in this climate.”

The ShardSecure solution can be quickly and easily inserted into SaaS architecture between its application and storage layers. Because it looks like storage to other applications, it requires no complicated configurations and allows for cloud provider interoperability — that is, flexibility with customers’ cloud storage choices.

ShardSecure excels at making sensitive data unintelligible and of no value in the wrong hands. Its Microshard technology desensitizes sensitive data for multi-cloud and hybrid-cloud environments. The three-step process to shred, mix, and distribute sensitive data renders that data unintelligible and of no value to attackers, drastically mitigating the impact of compromise.

Among ShardSecure’s other primary innovations is its self-healing data, which reverses unauthorized data deletion and/or tampering — including ransomware — for data at rest. With data integrity checks and RAID-5-like functionality, affected Microshard data can also be reconstructed in real-time.

“We’re pleased to offer leafplanner a security solution that provides their clients with the utmost assurance in data protection and privacy,” said ShardSecure CEO and Co-Founder Bob Lam. “ShardSecure offers peace of mind and heightened security for SaaS providers within their existing architectures. Companies can easily adopt us for greater security and resilience without rearchitecting their existing solutions.”

With Microshard technology, leafplanner will maintain control of their own data. The ShardSecure solution stores unintelligible fractions of complete data in multiple client-controlled locations, meaning that organizations do not surrender control of their data’s location and access. This level of ownership offers a competitive advantage for leafplanner in the modern data security landscape.

Lastly, leafplanner will take advantage of ShardSecure’s defense in-depth capabilities to provide improved protection for its clients. Since ShardSecure’s solution is able to be layered with existing data protection tools, leafplanner will employ Microshard technology in addition to measures like encryption and two-factor authentication for optimal data security. 

About leafplanner

leafplanner empowers high-net-worth, ultra-high-net-worth, and family office clients to make better preparations for the future. As a non-financial aggregator of family enterprise information, the Salt Lake City-based company offers a SaaS solution for the UHNW and Family Office markets. With the help of its leafplan technology, leafplanner creates a dynamic repository of information to ensure a smooth transfer of knowledge during a family succession. 

About ShardSecure

ShardSecure helps companies simplify their data protection and secure their data wherever it resides — on-premises, in the cloud, or in hybrid- and multi-cloud architectures. Our innovative technology delivers strong data privacy, security, and resilience in a unified, multi-protocol platform that works across multiple cloud providers. The ShardSecure platform also provides agentless file-level protection, ransomware risk mitigation, self-healing, protection for AI/ML datasets, and support for regulatory compliance.
ShardSecure was recognized as a Cool Vendor in the Gartner Cool Vendors™ in Privacy, 2023 report by Bart Willemsen, Bernard Woo, and Nader Henein at Gartner, Inc. To learn more, visit
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