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ShardSecure™, the data protection company whose Microshard™ technology helps organizations eliminate the sensitivity of data to accelerate cloud adoption, today announced the general availability of their ShardSecure Software Appliance.

ShardSecure’s revolutionary approach to data security uses Microsharding to automatically shred, mix and distribute data in a way that makes it incomplete and unreadable. This ensures that data is protected in the event of a breach, separated from those with privileged access and that the sensitivity class is reduced for regulatory compliance.

The ShardSecure Software Appliance is used to:

  • Automatically secure data with or without encryption, reducing risk caused by cloud misconfiguration and other human error
  • Separate sensitive data from internal and third-party cloud administrators while eliminating the risk of compromised encryption keys or credentials
  • Ensure data is protected prior to transfer, in transit and at rest on backup systems
  • Accelerate recovery with streaming Microshard data, facilitate fast transfer with one-click secure cloud data migrations and reduce total disk space consumption
  • Protect against ransomware as malicious executables and scripts cannot execute in Microshard state

ShardSecure’s unique feature set includes:

  • Support for eliminating the sensitivity of structured and unstructured data
  • Microshard technology capable of breaking data into fragments as small as single-digit bytes
  • Single-digit millisecond performance
  • Full encryption compatibility without major infrastructure or process changes

The company, voted ‘Judges Favorite Startup’ at the AWS Winning Pitch Deck event last October, has been identified by both 451 Research and TAG Cyber for its revolutionary Microshard technology and reaches general availability at a perfect time, as cloud adoption soars amid overwhelming global demand for work-from-home compatibility.

Thousands of new organizations are turning to the cloud to adapt in a time where remote infrastructure is suddenly a requirement. ShardSecure’s shred, mix and distribute approach provides a simple path to eliminating the sensitivity of data on backend infrastructure that works regardless of one’s cloud expertise.

Ed Amaroso, CEO of TAG Cyber and former Chief Security Officer at AT&T

ShardSecure has a number of applications for storing data both onsite and in the cloud. Organizations looking to migrate expensive on-premises storage backups from Iron Mountain, for example, use the ShardSecure Software Appliance to shred and obfuscate data before it is distributed to multiple cloud locations via ShardSecure drivers for popular cloud providers. Microshard technology eliminates the sensitivity of data on backend infrastructure, which protects users against misconfiguration errors, the current leading cause of data breaches, and reduces overall compliance burden.

ShardSecure has a veteran management team with high-profile backers, the ability to protect data with less overhead than standard encryption or need to modify applications, and support for multiple cloud offerings as well as Box and Dropbox, etc. To the extent that microsharding can render PII non-sensitive, ShardSecure could help companies reduce compliance costs by taking data out of scope for privacy regulations like GDPR, HIPAA, CCPA, SOX, etc. Microsharding could also serve as an alternative to encryption without the associated challenges of key management and overhead.

Garrett Bekker, Principal Data Security Analyst, 451 Research, in a Market Insight report on April 23rd 2020

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About ShardSecure

In the face of rising cyberattacks and operational complexity, ShardSecure helps companies simplify their data security and protection programs. Our innovative, agentless data control platform lets organizations secure their data, whether it resides on-premises, in the cloud, or in multi- and hybrid-cloud architectures. With strong data security and resilience, agentless file-level protection, support for cross-border compliance, native ransomware protection, and simple integration, ShardSecure helps you stay in control of your data.

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