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Cybersecurity sales veteran to lead ShardSecure Sales in EMEA

ShardSecure, inventor of Microshard™ technology that mitigates data security and privacy risks in the cloud, today announced the appointment of Pascal Cronauer as Head of European Sales further expanding the company’s presence in Europe.

Mr. Cronauer, based in Germany, brings over 16 years of cybersecurity experience with a background in both technology and sales. He has led teams in Enterprise and Channel Sales, Product Development, Marketing, Consulting Services, and Customer Success covering industries such as banking, insurance, government, healthcare, and more. His international business experience spanning Europe, the US, UAE, Australia, and Taiwan brings a unique understanding of identifying and addressing the needs of different markets.

“It’s an exciting time to join the ShardSecure team and I look forward to growing our business throughout EMEA. Europe faces unique cybersecurity challenges, particularly relative to cloud adoption. ShardSecure’s Microshard technology offers a unique solution to enable secure cloud adoption while protecting data privacy by leaving data owners in control of their data. This will finally provide a solution to companies that have security concerns about migrating to the cloud,” said Cronauer.

ShardSecure’s Microshard technology protects data by digitally shredding it into microshards that are too small to contain sensitive data. Those microshards are then mixed with poison data and distributed to multiple storage locations of the customer’s choosing. Its self-healing data also reverses unauthorized data deletion and tampering — including ransomware — for data at rest.

Microsharding excels at making sensitive data unintelligible in the wrong hands, enabling that data for multi-cloud and hybrid-cloud environments so that companies can maintain business continuity. The three-step Microshard process renders that data unintelligible and of no value to attackers, drastically mitigating the impact of compromise.

“It is a pleasure to welcome Pascal to our team. He will play a strategic role in helping us to sustain our rapid growth and in growing our presence in EMEA. His unique mix of experience makes him the perfect choice to head up our EMEA sales organization,” said Bob Lam, CEO and Co-founder of ShardSecure.

ShardSecure recently announced its partnership with UK-based Channel partner Praesidium-Cyber as part of the company’s European expansion.

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