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Updates focus on enterprise resilience, integrations, and compliance

With the quarter behind us, we’d like to share what we’ve been working on and how we can help to support enterprises and government organizations protect sensitive data and maintain compliance.

Microsoft 365 Integration

Compliance has always been a priority for companies who are moving more critical applications and data to the cloud. The European Union’s General Data Privacy Regulation (GDPR), specifically, is making the topics of data residency and data custody top of mind for cloud providers and their customers - particularly outside of the EU. Our Microsoft 365 integration allows customers to protect their sensitive data through Microsharding. The integration allows the flexibility to select their backend storage solution, whether that be with a single cloud provider, multi-cloud, multi-region, multi-datacenter, or a combination, thereof. For users, they are able to use and collaborate online with Excel, Word, and PowerPoint as they had before.

Our integration was covered in more depth in our October 12th blog post and solution brief both which you can find here.

High-availability and disaster recovery capabilities

Multi-Cluster Synchronization

Service resilience is key to business continuity. Our multi-cluster synchronization provides high-availability and disaster recovery resilience for your applications that use ShardSecure. Additionally, a load balancer may be placed in front of your ShardSecure clusters. Within the clusters, a dedicated node is focused solely on synchronizing our pointer data while the other nodes are still focused on their Microsharding duties. This helps to ensure that there is no performance impact to your applications using Shard Secure.

iSCSI Persistent Reservations

Our resilience is not limited to cloud applications. Our iSCSI interface is perfect for on-prem storage and is just one way that we can help our customers take advantage of cloud storage for legacy applications. Our ability to support iSCSI persistent reservations means that your hot/cold high-availability clusters are able to take advantage of Microsharding.

Monitoring and the big picture

We have added additional health monitoring and alerting to the console for your ShardSecure clusters, as well as integrations with Splunk, ticketing systems, SIEMs, Slack, and more. These integrations help make it simpler to include ShardSecure into your existing workflows.

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