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Encryption has long been the primary method of protecting data. Now, at a time when a convergence of factors is putting more strain on companies in safeguarding their data, a promising new technology, Microsharding, is causing companies to examine whether there might be a better path forward.

In a new whitepaper, ShardSecure’s Jesper Tohmo, CTO and Co-founder and Christer Roslund, VP Engineering and Co-founder, as well as Robert A. Clyde, ISACA Board Member and ShardSecure Senior Advisor, detail how Microshard™ technology has emerged as a leading solution to meet rising demand for reliable data protection.Readers will be introduced to the concept of Microsharding, how it has evolved from legacy data sharding concepts, and how it can be deployed both in complement to or as a replacement for encryption-only data security solutions. The whitepaper also provides detailed information on how the ShardSecure software appliance itself is secured, ultimately outlining key benefits that include the reduction and even elimination of data sensitivity within the storage area, reduced attack surface and a decrease in overall compliance burden.

Check out the new whitepaper on Microsharding here, or schedule a demo with the ShardSecure team.