Sensitive Data (Biotech research data) demands better Data Security Controls than just Encryption

    Traditional legacy data security controls, like encryption, were not built for the scale of the cloud. Front end controls exist and there are numerous ways for hackers to bypass these measures.

    ShardSecure’s VP of Strategic Sales, Robert Stephen, joined TAG Cyber’s Katie Teitler, to discuss why sensitive data needs adequate backend security for any real innovation to occur.

    Data Security in Cloud Computing requires Microsharding any Sensitive Data to augment Encryption

    There has been a lack of innovation in the world of data security over the past 20-30 years. Most users are not satisfied with the friction caused by encryption and the mass adoption of cloud computing has amplified these concerns.

    ShardSecure’s CEO, Bob Lam, joined TAG Cyber’s Ed Amoroso, to discuss how microsharding data will augment encryption in the near term and potentially replace the need for encryption altogether.

    Cyber Insights by SOSA with Bob Lam, CEO ShardSecure

    Check out this episode of Cyber Insights by SOSA, hosted by William Altman and featuring ShardSecure’s CEO, Bob Lam. They’re talking microsharding technology and the importance of reducing the sensitivity of data with the Global Cyber Center.

    ShardSecure Wins the AWS “Judges Favorite Startup” Award

    As cloud adoption soars amid overwhelming global demand for work-from-home compatibility, we are proud to be voted “Judges Favorite Startup” at the AWS Winning Pitch Deck event last October.