Sensitive data demands better data security controls than just encryption

ShardSecure’s VP Strategic Sales, Robert Stephen, joined TAG Cyber’s Senior Analyst, Katie Teitler to discuss the need for businesses and organizations to remain operational with staff working from anywhere.

Data security in cloud computing requires Microsharding™ to augment encryption

ShardSecure’s CEO, Bob Lam, joined TAG Cyber’s Ed Amoroso, to discuss how microsharding data will augment encryption in the near term and potentially replace the need for encryption altogether.

ShardSecure™ Wins AWS “Judges Favorite Startup” Award

ShardSecure CEO, Bob Lam, presents the company’s unique Microshard technology to a panel of industry experts at the AWS event.

ShardSecure Interview with the Global Cyber Center

Episode #4: Cyber Insights by SOSA with Bob Lam, CEO ShardSecure.