Augment or Replace Encryption

Augment security for encrypted data to protect against lost or stolen keys, misconfiguration, and more. ShardSecure works transparently with data encrypted before (app-based) Microsharding or after (storage-based) Microsharding.

Replace encryption with ShardSecure to simplify your data security solution and avoid the overhead of key management solutions. Sensitive data that has not been encrypted at rest can be secured quickly and easily with Microsharding.

Secure Cloud Backup

Server backups often hold sensitive information. Microsharding eliminates the sensitivity of that data to ensure privacy, and can potentially speed up backup and restore operations through the use of parallel reads and writes when time is critical.

Secure Cloud Enablement

Achieve true data agility, moving data to or from on-premises solutions or multiple cloud providers without changing front end code or configuration. Microsharding eliminates the sensitivity of data in the cloud to protect customers from the risk of security vulnerability caused by improperly configured data.

Migrate data with one click, while ensuring data is protected prior to, in transit to, and at rest on your systems. Observe faster data transfer speeds and meaningful cost savings vs. legacy data migration methods.

Lower Compliance Burden

By eliminating the sensitivity of data, ShardSecure™ helps to reduce compliance burden for critical regulations such as GDPR, HIPAA, CCPA, CIS and PCI DSS. Microshard technology eliminates data sensitivity to ensure total privacy and lower regulatory risk.

Unstructured / Unclassified Data Storage

Sensitive data present in PDFs, documents, spreadsheets, images, and more may not be classified as such – and therefore not adequately secured. Microsharding provides an easy and fast way to protect unstructured and / or unclassified data, ensuring privacy of data whether it resides on file servers or cloud-based applications like Microsoft 365, SalesForce, ServiceNow or Slack.

Microsharding for DevOps Security

Accidental exposure of proprietary code on public repositories (like GitHub or Bitbucket) or theft of newly developed code can derail or delay development efforts. It can also reveal trade secrets and be used to create exploits or extract credentials by hackers. Microshard technology ensures code is not readable or exploitable at rest and has zero value in transit, enabling secure sharing between intended parties on a global scale.

SIEM, Streaming and IoT Data

ShardSecure provides uniquely comprehensive security for a broad variety of data types including SIEMs like Splunk, streaming data, and even IoT data. ShardSecure empowers organizations to securely migrate sensitive data to the cloud to save on storage costs and improve productivity. As a result, organizations can keep data for longer periods, improving security investigations and audit outcomes for data of all kinds.


ShardSecure provides data resiliency across cloud storage where all protected storage can automatically be synced to multiple storage locations to ensure zero-touch, instantaneous recovery in the case of lost storage locations.

Emilia Clarke
Warren Zafrin
UHY Advisors
"In our opinion, microsharded sensitive data is no longer sensitive. As a result, ShardSecure™ has the potential to lower cyber risks and compliance costs while maintaining compliance with the spirit of European and US data protection regulations."