NEW YORK, Feb. 18, 2020 – ShardSecure™, the data protection company whose Microshard™ technology reduces data sensitivity to mitigate the risk of cloud misconfigurations and accelerate cloud adoption, today announced that CEO & Co-founder Bob Lam will be presenting at AGC’s 16th West Coast Information Security & Broader Technology Growth Conference in San Francisco on February 24th at 9:30am PST. The conference will feature presentations, panels and one-on-one meetings with representatives from 500 of the fastest growing private companies spanning all major sectors of security and technology as well as 1,400 attendees including CEOs, PE/VC investors and M&A professionals from public companies.

    Over 3,200 one-on-one meetings are scheduled to occur at this year’s event, which are the core of AGC’s Information Security and Broader Technology Growth conference series. “This conference brings together some of the most influential and innovative brands in the technology sector,” said CEO & Co-founder, Bob Lam. “We’re thrilled not only to be able to present the ShardSecure solution to the audience there, but also to have one-on-one meetings scheduled with key stakeholders at the large enterprises that are interested in accelerating their cloud strategy with Microshard data protection technology.”

    1,400 attendees are expected at this year’s event, scheduled for February 24th and 25th at the Hilton SF Union Square. The conference will also feature 16 panel discussions hosted by renowned tech industry experts, as well as 170 company presentations. Learn more about this and other upcoming events here:

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    ShardSecure’s Microshard™ technology reduces data sensitivity to mitigate the risks of security breaches caused by misconfigurations in the cloud. ShardSecure breaks down and distributes data to multiple locations, further obfuscating data by poising it with false shards to render it unreadable to would-be hackers. By reducing data sensitivity, ShardSecure helps accelerate cloud adoption, lowers compliance costs and enables secure file sharing. Learn more at

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