Microsharding: Defense in Depth for Data

ISACA + ShardSecure, Microsharding: Defense in Depth for Data

Despite stacking numerous security controls, one wrong click can result in a major cloud data breach. For decades the last line of defense for securing data at rest has been encryption, yet its implementation on cloud infrastructure has resulted in unprecedented levels of data exposure.

With Microshard™ Technology, we have the first ever opportunity to apply defense in depth to data at rest, at the data level, in the cloud.

Beat the cloud data breach with Microshard technology

Get an inside look at the most prevalent ways organizations are being breached in the cloud, and how you can mitigate those risks with Microsharding. Dr. Ed Amoroso, TAG Cyber and our CEO and Co-founder Bob Lam, join cybersecurity experts from the ShardSecure team to outline how you can ensure total data privacy for your organization beyond encryption.

Data security in cloud computing requires Microsharding™ to augment encryption

ShardSecure’s CEO, Bob Lam, joined TAG Cyber’s Ed Amoroso, to discuss how microsharding data will augment encryption in the near term and potentially replace the need for encryption altogether.

Sensitive data demands better data security controls than just encryption

ShardSecure’s VP Strategic Sales, Robert Stephen, joined TAG Cyber’s Senior Analyst, Katie Teitler to discuss the need for businesses and organizations to remain operational with staff working from anywhere.

ShardSecure Interview with the Global Cyber Center

Splitting sensitive data into dispersed “microshards” can help reduce data sensitivity while lowering compliance costs and accelerating cloud adoption. ShardSecure CEO Bob Lam appears in Episode #4: Cyber Insights by SOSA.

ShardSecure™ Wins AWS “Judges Favorite Startup” Award

ShardSecure CEO, Bob Lam, presents the company’s unique Microshard technology to a panel of industry experts at the AWS event. As cloud adoption soars amid overwhelming global demand for work-from-home compatibility, we are proud to be voted “Judges Favorite Startup” at the AWS Winning Pitch Deck event last October.