Reduce Data Sensitivity

ShardSecure™ provides a critical security layer in the age of cloud and is often layered on top of traditional encryption to augment data protection and reduce data sensitivity. ShardSecure is the only data protection solution that obfuscates data to the extent that it is no longer considered 'sensitive' without sacrificing performance.

Desensitize Data with Microshard™ Technology

Data is broken into tiny bits before being distributed to multiple local and cloud storage locations. Locations are unknown to each other.

  • Shard size can be set small enough to break the ''atomic unit of value''
  • Solution is amplified by “poisoning the well” with false shards
  • Can be layered with encryption

Data Can Only Be Accessed By Authorized Parties

Using pointers in the ShardSecure appliance, Microshard data is reassembled back into its original form without sacrificing performance for legitimate users. Data can only be reassembled if the party accessing:

  • Knows all the locations where Microshard data is distributed
  • Gains access to all those locations
  • Knows how to isolate and reassemble the right Microshard data

Easy to Deploy

ShardSecure is easy to deploy as a virtual machine or container either on-premises or in the cloud. The product looks like a disk and is application-agnostic, supporting:

  • Files
  • Databases
  • Streaming data

Our Approach

Multi-Cloud Support

The ShardSecure™ Engine is currently integrated with the top four cloud service providers including AWS, Azure, Google, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and IBM, in addition to Box and Dropbox. Our flexible core engine can be rapidly integrated with other cloud service providers upon customer request.