Eliminate Data Sensitivity

    Automatically eliminate the value of your data on back-end infrastructure. Our unique Microshard technology automatically shreds, mixes and distributes data in a way that makes it incomplete and unreadable. This ensures data is protected in the event of a breach, is separated from those with privileged access and the sensitivity class is reduced for regulatory compliance.

    Desensitize Data with Microshard™ Technology

    ShardSecure is the only solution capable of shredding data into single-digit bytes without sacrificing performance.

    • Shard size can be as small as single-digit bytes
    • Solution is amplified by “poisoning the well” with false shards
    • Can be layered with or replace encryption

    Zero Trust Security

    ShardSecure extends beyond access control to effectively separate your data from privileged admins, employees and cloud providers, to eliminate risk of human error and insider threat. Obtaining unauthorized access would require mathematical near-impossibility:

    • Identifying all locations where Microshard data is distributed
    • Gaining access to all those locations
    • Knowing how to isolate and reassemble the right Microshard data

    Easy to Deploy

    ShardSecure is easy to deploy as a virtual machine or container either on-premises or in the cloud. The product looks like a disk and is application-agnostic, supporting:

    • Files
    • Databases
    • Streaming data

    Multi-Cloud Support

    The ShardSecure™ Engine is currently integrated with the top five cloud service providers including AWS, Azure, Google, IBM and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, in addition to Box and Dropbox.

    Our flexible core engine can be rapidly integrated with other cloud service providers upon customer request.


    Eliminate sensitivity of files, streaming data and databases

    The only technology capable of shards as small as 4 bytes

    Microshard technology outperforms software-based encryption without adding latency

    Shard before or after encrypting without disruption

    Streaming Microshard data can yield read, write, transfer performance improvements

    Move Microshard data easily between locations with one click