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New York, NY

ShardSecure™ today announced that they are now accepted into startup programs for the three major cloud providers, including AWS’s Activate Program, Microsoft for Startups and Google Cloud for Startups.

The data protection company's Microshard™ technology reduces data sensitivity to mitigate the risk of cloud misconfigurations and accelerate cloud adoption. In addition to announcing a seed funding round and building out a prominent advisory board comprising security industry leaders and forward-looking customers, ShardSecure’s alignment with major cloud providers furthers their strategic initiative to provide a secure on-ramp to the cloud for security-conscious clients in the enterprise.

As a security software provider that helps organizations migrate their own data and workloads to the cloud, ShardSecure is proud to be accepted into startup programs with AWS, Azure and GCP. These programs with the Big Three cloud providers are exclusively tailored for startups funded by select venture investors and we are looking forward to leveraging the resources provided, including co-marketing, cloud credits, business and technical support.

Our mission is well-aligned with these cloud startup programs, which are geared at helping organizations advance cloud adoption. We plan to launch our products on cloud provider marketplaces later this year, which will enable us to offer a seamless experience for customers to implementing ShardSecure as part of their larger cloud strategy.

CEO & Co-founder, Bob Lam

The ShardSecure solution, which breaks data into tiny fragments and distributes them to multiple locations is fully integrated with all major cloud providers including AWS, Azure, Google Cloud Platform and IBM, as well as with Box and Dropbox. Microsharded data is distributed to multiple locations including numerous cloud platforms, and polluted with false data shards for further obfuscation so it is unreadable to would-be hackers, even in the event of a breach.

About ShardSecure

Headquartered in New York City, ShardSecure® is the world’s most innovative data security company, disrupting the data privacy and security market with Microshard™ technology – the only solution capable of breaking data into single-digit bytes and distributing across cloud locations without sacrificing performance.

Microsharding provides zero data sensitivity for cloud-stored or on-prem data, and can be used with or without encryption to provide true defense in depth. Led by veteran cybersecurity entrepreneurs and investors, ShardSecure works with some of the world’s most successful companies in healthcare, financial services and technology to ensure ultimate data privacy and compliance, while making data migration to the cloud more secure and faster than ever.

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