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New York, NY

ShardSecure's Microshard technology is accessible now in the AWS Marketplace.

ShardSecure®, the world's most innovative provider of data security and privacy with Microshard™ technology, announced today that their solution is now available in the AWS (Amazon Web Services) Marketplace. The ShardSecure engine provides defense in depth for data to mitigate risk of breach by shredding data to eliminate sensitivity, mixing to remove data value and distributing shards to multiple cloud and/or on-premises locations to ensure data is incomplete.

“ShardSecure is thrilled to be making it even easier for customers across the globe to eliminate the sensitivity of their data by making our Microshard technology available via the AWS Marketplace,” said ShardSecure CEO and Co-founder, Bob Lam. “Organizations with some of the world’s most sensitive datasets depend on ShardSecure to mitigate the risks of data exposure caused by cloud misconfiguration or malicious attack. By ensuring data sensitivity is eliminated, we help customers accelerate their journey to the cloud and embrace its benefits with confidence.”

ShardSecure’s Microshard technology supports both structured and unstructured datasets and can be deployed to AWS in under fifteen minutes. Customers in technology, healthcare, financial services, biotech and more use ShardSecure both as a complement to and in place of legacy solutions such as encryption to ensure privacy for their most sensitive data.

Learn more about ShardSecure and view the ShardSecure listing in AWS Marketplace.

About ShardSecure

Headquartered in New York City, ShardSecure® is the world’s most innovative data security company, disrupting the data privacy and security market with Microshard™ technology – the only solution capable of breaking data into single-digit bytes and distributing across cloud locations without sacrificing performance.

Microsharding provides zero data sensitivity for cloud-stored or on-prem data, and can be used with or without encryption to provide true defense in depth. Led by veteran cybersecurity entrepreneurs and investors, ShardSecure works with some of the world’s most successful companies in healthcare, financial services and technology to ensure ultimate data privacy and compliance, while making data migration to the cloud more secure and faster than ever.

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