Data Sharding for Back-End Cloud Security

    APRIL 27,  2020
    By Dr. Edward G. Amoroso

    Data sharding for back-end cloud security addresses the threat of compromised insiders with privileged access. The Method disaggregates, separates, and obfuscates data so that insiders within cloud service infrastructure cannot make sense of stored assets.

    451 Research

    APRIL 23 2020
    By Garrett Bekker

    The emerging data security provider was founded on a fairly simple premise: Split sensitive data into tiny pieces and distribute them across multiple locations so that the individual pieces are meaningless in the wrong hands, a process known as ‘sharding

    ShardSecure™ Data Sheet

    JUNE 2020
    By ShardSecure

    ShardSecure’s Microshard™ technology shreds, mixes and distributes data
    to eliminate the value of data on backend infrastructure, ensuring data is
    protected in the event of a breach, separated from those with privileged
    access and that the sensitivity class is reduced.

    UHY Opinion Letter

    JUNE 2019
    By Warren Zafrin, UHY Advisors

    Our world is in a constant state of change. Our society has become a canvas of digital points of business data and personal information. In this new era of personal and professional interaction privacy has become next to impossible.

    Microshard™ Technical White Paper

    APRIL 2019
    By ShardSecure

    Fragmenting data into tiny elements which are spatially dispersed and intermixed with other fragments (Microshard data) has numerous advantages in security and compliance.